A horse will see a loose plastic bag floating through the pasture  and think he is about to be attacked and eaten. He will run in fear. His human  will see the loose plastic bag and see a piece of trash he needs to catch and  dispose of, so he will chase it down.
Humans that continue to learn about horse behavior will come to understand why the horse thinks the way he does and try train him for a safer,  appropriate response. The horse will always have difficulty understanding human reasoning, but will learn to follow and trust. The bond between horse and human is then made stronger.
We sometimes see difficulties as being so huge and scary we can't  face them. We want to run and hide. God has a different understanding of our circumstances--He is so much bigger than they are!  It will always be hard for us to understand that God's ways are not our ways. He will help us to learn a more appropriate response to trials if we will follow and trust Him. Through faith, our bond with God will become stronger.

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